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Charlie the Ranch Dog: Charlie Goes to the Doctor
Charlie The Ranch Dog: Rock Star
Charlotte's Rose
Charlotte's Web (55 reviews)
Chasing Lincoln's Killer
Chasing Redbird (2 reviews)
Chasing Vermeer
Chatos Kitchen
Cheetah Girls 2 The Junior Novel
Chelsea's New Home
Cherries and Cherry Pits
Chester's Way (5 reviews)
Chester's Way (3 reviews)
Chewy and Chica
Chewy Louie (3 reviews)
Chicago Bears
Chicka Chicka 123
Chicka Chicka ABC
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (7 reviews)
Chicka Chicka, Boom Boom (2 reviews)
Chicken Chicken
Chicken Little (2 reviews)
Chicken Pox!
Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul
Chicken Soup for the Kids Soul 2
Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul (3 reviews)
Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul
Chicken Soup With Rice (2 reviews)
Chicken Sunday (4 reviews)
Chickens to the Rescue!
Child Of Faerie, Child Of Earth
Children's Guide to Insects and Spiders
Chima the Legend Begins
Chimps Don't Wear Glasses
Chinese Cinderella: True Story of an Unwanted Daughter
Chocolate Fever (3 reviews)
Choose Your Own Adventure: The Race Forever
Christmas at Camelot
Christmas in the Big Woods
Christmas in Camelot (3 reviews)
Christmas Santa Almost Missed
Christopher Columbus
Christopher MOuse
Christopher Robin Gives Pooh a Party
Chrysanthemum (14 reviews)
Cinco de Mayo
Cinder Edna
Cinderella #2 (2 reviews)
Cinderella 3 (2 reviews)
Cinderella The mice save the day
Cinderella Penguin
Cinderella (3 reviews)
Cinderella's Rat (3 reviews)
Cinderellis and the Glass Hill
Cindy Moo (3 reviews)
Circus Mirandus
City Cousin
City in the Clouds (Secrets of Droon Series #4)
City of Ember (3 reviews)
City of Light, City of Dark (3 reviews)
City Signs (2 reviews)
Class Clown (2 reviews)
Class President (2 reviews)
Claudia and the Middle School Mystery
Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon
Clementine (6 reviews)
Clementine and the Family Meeting (3 reviews)
Clementine and the Spring Trip (3 reviews)
Clementine Friend of the week (2 reviews)
Clementine's Letter
Cleopatra in Space
Click, Clack, Moo Cows that Type (16 reviews)
Click, Clack, Peep!
Clifford - Teacher's Pets
Clifford and the Big Parade
Clifford and the Big Storm (3 reviews)
Clifford the Big Red Dog (3 reviews)
Clifford Counts Bubbles
Clifford the Firehouse Dog (2 reviews)
Clifford Makes a Friend
Clifford Runs to Story Time
Clifford the Small Red Puppy (3 reviews)
Clifford Takes a Trip
Clifford wants a Cookie
Clifford's ABC's (7 reviews)
Clifford's Birthday Party
Clifford's Christmas (3 reviews)
Clifford's First Autumn (2 reviews)
Clifford's First School Day
Clifford's First Valentine Day
Clifford's Good Deeds (2 reviews)
Clifford's Halloween
Clifford's Hiccups (2 reviews)
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