1 Abel's Island

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Abel's Island

Written by William Steig

Reviewed by Michelle P. (age 10)

Abel's Island

Abel is a mouse who has a wife named Amanda. She is a mouse, too. Abel and Amanda went on a picnic. Abel went to play a joke on Amanda when a hurricane started to form. They left their picnic where it was and started to walk home. Abel and Amanda didn?t have time to go back to their house, so they found a cave to shelter in until the storm was over. The wind blew Amanda?s scarf away so Abel went to get it. The wind also blew him, but off the cliff. Abel found a temporary home on an island. He also met a friend named Gower. Will Abel get home with all of these obstacles in his way? Read to find out!

I enjoyed the illustrations and maybe you will, too. The characters look unique and exciting. They also explain what happens in the story and made me want to read more. Gower is an interesting character. He was funny. He made me laugh. Gower is a frog. He is so exciting to read about! I loved his adventures. This book is very interesting. It is about how a little mouse survives on an island. The characters can talk and usually animals don?t talk. Gower and Abel are very adventurous. I feel that they can do anything now after their experiences on the island.

If you like hamsters and mice, then I suggest you read this book. Adventures, travels, and artistic drawings are all in Abel?s Island. Abel is just as hard working as a human. Would you like to read about that? You should also read this book because the author is trying to let you know how it feels to be on an island with such a small body.