1 Smoke Screen

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Smoke Screen

Written by Amy Goldman Koss

Reviewed by Lyndsay L. (age 11)

Smoke Screen

Have you ever told a big lie that keeps getting bigger and bigger? The girl in Smoke Screen did. It all started with a piece of cotton. Instead of telling the truth about her watery eye to the boy she has a crush on, Mitzi tells a lie about her mom that grows to be a big problem. Her life will never change unless she starts telling the truth.

I really liked the book Smoke Screen because the story was very believable. I also liked how the characters related to the story. My all time favorite part was when Mitzi finally started to tell the truth about her mom. I liked this part because from the wording in the story it seemed like Mitzi felt really relieved to finally be telling the truth. Mitzi reminded me of my friend. She is very adventurous, boy crazy, and is always in for a challenge. Throughout the book, Mitzi changes alot. She changes her attitude about lying. She also changes her feelings for someone but you have to read the book to find that out. The story really reminds me of my life, because I had some struggles in my life and I would do any thing to resolve them.

I would recommend this book to a girl that's about ten years old because it has a lot of things that a girl goes through in her life. I really liked this book because it tells about many interesting things that happen to Mitzi.