1 Wilma Unlimited

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Wilma Unlimited

Written by Kathleen Krull

Illustrated by David Diaz

Reviewed by Brewer A. (age 9)

Wilma Unlimited

Have you ever given up on yourself? If you have then Wilma Rudolph is not like you. Wilma was a small young girl when at the age of 4 she was diagnosed with polio and scarlet fever. Her leg was paralyzed. That did not stop Wilma. One Sunday, the Rudolphs were at church when Wilma took off the brace on her paralyzed leg and started to walk. It's a miracle - they all cheered. Years later Wilma became an Olympic runner and was the fastest women of her time. She won 3 gold medals and became the most famous runner of her time. Read this book to find out how she did it.

I thought this book was very inspiring because it shows that if you believe in yourself you may get what you want. I think the illustrations are entertaining because they are not just made up of lines, they are made of beautiful shapes and the colors are fantastic on every page. My favorite part of the story is when the Rudolphs were in church and Wilma started to walk. I liked this part because it makes you feel joyful that Wilma can walk again.

I would recommend this book to ages 7-10 because it is great and inspiring. I loved this book and I am 9. I’ve read this book a 100 times. This book is one of my favorites because it is a great true story.