1 How to Help the Earth

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How to Help the Earth

Written by Tish Rabe

Illustrated by Christopher Moroney and Jan Gerardi

Reviewed by Dev P. (age 6)

How to Help the Earth

The Lorax is sending messages to the children about keeping the Earth clean. He shows them ways to dispose of the trash and how to recycle things. The Lorax tells the children to reuse plastic bags, use both sides of paper, and donate old clothes, toys, books, and shoes for other people to use. He tells children to save water and natural resources as they are valuable. The Lorax encourages children to grow more plants and trees to keep the land cleaner and soil wetter so that birds and animals can survive.

My favorite part of the story is when the Lorax tells children to spend less time in the shower, like 4 minutes, because it's a great way to save water. The Lorax is my favorite character in the story because he tells important advice about how to keep the Earth clean. This story relates to my life because I always recycle things like cardboard, cereal boxes, milk bottles, juice packs, magazines, water bottles, cans, and paper.

The pictures in this story help me understand what's going on. I think you should read this story because it educates you about taking care of the Earth by recycling.