1 Worst Enemies/Best Friends

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Worst Enemies/Best Friends

Written by Annie Bryant

Reviewed by Paige G. (age 9)

My name is Paige and I just read Worst Enemies/Best Friends by Annie Bryant. It was a great book!

This book is about a girl names Charlotte who has traveled all around the world and ends up in the city of Brookline. At her new school she meets 3 girls named Maeve, Avery, and Katani. The friendship between the foursome is like a roller coaster ride! Will they end up friends or not? Read the book to find out all the details of the drama that unfolds between the clan.

I enjoyed this book because the four main characters are facing the same problems that most teens, especially girls, face today. My favorite part was when Charlotte redecorated the tower that her and her three friends visit a lot. I enjoyed this part because the details that Annie Bryant used to describe the way it looked allowed me to make a really cool picture in my head as I was reading. In this book, the 2 characters I liked the most were Maeve and Charlotte. I like Maeve because she wasn't afraid to admit that even though she had the money to buy brand name clothes, and stuff like that, she still shops at outlets and discount shops. I like Charlotte because she was willing to do anything for her friends. As I read the book I was able to feel the same emotions as the characters were feeling. The author always left me wondering what will happen next.

I would highly recommend this book to girls, probably between the ages of 9 and 13, that want to understand the true meaning of friendship, while having a good laugh once in awhile!