1 My Best Friend is Cinderella

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My Best Friend is Cinderella

Written by Lisa Marsoli

Illustrated by Disney Storybook Artists

Reviewed by Elena S. (age 5)

My Best Friend is Cinderella

This book is about Cinderella making friends. She went to see the girls at the orphanage. Cinderella invited all the girls to her house for a ball. The little girl name was Emma. Emma went to visit the castle and peeked into the gown room. The mice saw Emma and decided to make her a dress. Emma wore the dress to the ball with Cinderella.

I like this book because Cinderella was nice to Emma and took her to the party. My favorite part of the story is when Emma wore the pink dress the mice made to the ball; she looked very pretty.

I think kids who like Cinderella or princesses would like this book because it shows Cinderella being a good friend to a little girl. I recommend little girls read the book with their mom.

(This review was dictated.)