1 Nancy Drew and the Crystal Dove

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Nancy Drew and the Crystal Dove

Written by Carolyn Keene

Reviewed by Isabel B. (age 8)

Nancy Drew and the Crystal Dove

This book is about a girl named Nancy Drew and her friends George Fanye and Bess Marvin. They take a journey to New York City to see another friend named Delphinia who throws a party, but some creepy stuff happens. A priceless treasure gets stolen. Read the book and find out the rest.

I really liked this book because I actually live in New York City and a lot of things have happened to me in this city also. I have also been to lots of parties in New York, too. My favorite part of this book was when the chandelier fell because they didn't know how it happened and it was a mystery, and I really like mysteries.

This book is good for people who like mystery books. This book is also good for people who like creepy stories, too. My mom loved the Nancy Drew books when she was a kid and she still does. Ages 7 to 100.