1 Pinky and Rex and the New Baby

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Pinky and Rex and the New Baby

Written by James Howe

Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Reviewed by Nick N. (age 8)

Pinky and Rex and the New Baby

Have you ever read a Pinky and Rex book? I bet you’ve never read Pinky and Rex and the New Baby! Pinky is girly because he likes pink. Rex is sort of like a tomboy. In the story, the problem is that Rex’s parents are about to adopt a new baby and she is worried that they will not pay attention to her. So Rex comes up with a plan. If she can be the perfect big sister, her parents will have to pay attention to her. The trouble is, being the perfect big sister is a lot of work. Will Rex ever find time to spend with Pinky? Read this book to find out!

Pinky and Rex and the New Baby is a great book because it’s funny. I liked the part when Pinky turned to his sister, who had two string bean "fangs" hanging out of her mouth. I liked it because I am a really funny kid and this book reminds me of my vampire costume and my vampire teeth.

I recommend this book to people who love babies because I learned a lesson: When you have a younger brother or sister it might be hard work being an older sibling, but it will be worth it in the end.