1 Sun Song

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Sun Song

Written by Jean Marzollo

Illustrated by Laura Regan

Reviewed by Mocha B. (age 6)

Sun Song

The book is about how the sun is hot and how it shines on you. And when the sun shines some animals have babies born. It tells me a lot. I learned things about the sun. It also tells me about animals.

Do you have fun in sun? I have a lot of fun! I ride my scooter, I go to the beach, and I also have pool parties. Sometimes I invite some of my friends to the parties in the sun. I enjoy it.

I like the book because it has a lot of colors. I like the colors. They are very nice colors and I also like the pictures. They are very pretty. Maybe other kids will like it too. It's a very nice book to read.

I recommend this book for kids that like to watch the sun. It's a good book for kids . I like to read it a lot.