1 Fluffy and the Firefighters

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Fluffy and the Firefighters

Written by Kate Mc Mullen

Illustrated by Mavis Smith

Reviewed by Spencer R. (age 7)

Fluffy and the Firefighters

Fluffy and the Firefighters is a story about a little Guinea Pig named Fluffy who thinks he is a firefighter. Fluffy tries to be a firefighter by being put on posters that teach kids what to do if there is a fire. In case of a fire Fluffy tells the kids to get the parents to put on the fire alarm to warn people to get out of the building as fast as you can. Fluffy and the Firefighters also teach you that fire is not a toy and when you see fire you should stay away.

I like this book! My favorite part is when Fluffy screamed, “Help! Mars has invaded! Somebody save the pig!” because it is funny and weird and crazy. I like crazy stuff. People don't usually scream that. Fluffy hid under his food bowl because he was scared, but it was just a firefighter in a weird uniform. He was wearing a rubber jacket and red and yellow rubber boots and a hat. The firefighter also has a mask so he doesn't breathe too much smoke. Tom the firefighter carried Fluffy to Spike the firefighters Dalmation dog's bed in the firehouse and left Spike and Fluffy alone. This reminds me of when my dad had to go to the store to get milk while my mom was at work. I didn't want to go to the store so I stayed home with my brother, Griffin. This helps me to understand how Fluffy feels to be alone without grown-ups. Fluffy is scared and so was I. Fluffy is the most interesting character in the book because he is funny and cute. In every book in the series Fluffy thinks he is big and tough.

I would recommend Fluffy and the Firefighters to someone who likes crazy action and funny stories. This book is crazy fun! It can also be sometimes confusing because it is hard to know if Fluffy is talking or thinking. When Fluffy is thinking the letters that Fluffy is thinking are in black.