1 Mrs. Kormal is Not Normal

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Mrs. Kormal is Not Normal

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Sebastian W. (age 7)

Mrs. Kormal is Not Normal

Do you want to read an ultra funny series? Try the “My Weird School Series.” Have you ever seen a bus driver that has a secret language? Mrs. Kormel is crazy! Mrs. Kormel the bus driver is driving everybody crazy. She is always talking in a secret language like “bingle boo” and “limeus kidoodle”. Everybody is just learning what it means. She never gets to school in time. Most people think that she is not a real bus driver but she says “that’s OK”. By the time everybody gets to school everybody is already lined up with their teacher ready to go home. Find out the rest in the story!

I like this book because it is very funny! A.J.’s bus driver, Mrs. Kormel is driving everybody crazy because she gets lost everywhere she goes. Like in the jungle! Everybody thinks she is not a bus driver. A.J., Ryan and Michael get upset because they are dying of starvation, so Ryan has to eat his seat cushion. That reminds me of when I was whining because my mom wouldn't let me eat. That tells me that he was feeling really hungry! A.J. and Michael have to connect Michael’s string with A.J.’s Striker Smith action figure and they throw Striker Smith out the window because they were bored and they wanted to have fun. That was my favorite part because it was funny. But something bad happened when A.J. threw Striker Smith out the window. It hit the tire! That doesn't happen anymore because he got in trouble!

I recommend this book to anyone that likes funny books because every single book is funny in the My Weird School series. I think what would interest a lot of people is sometimes they tell real facts and it’s funny! You have to be careful because A.J. is always doing weird stuff. Other book of My Weird School series are: Mrs. Daisy is Crazy, Mr.Klutz is Nuts, Mrs. Roopy is Loopy, Mrs. Hanna is Bananas, Mrs. Small is off the Wall, Mr. Hyde is out of his Mind, Mrs. Cooney is Loony.