1 Ms. LaGrange Is Strange! (My Weird School Series #8)

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Ms. LaGrange Is Strange! (My Weird School Series #8)

Written by Dan Gutman

Illustrated by Jim Paillot

Reviewed by Oscar R. (age 7)

Ms. LaGrange Is Strange! (My Weird School Series #8)

Have you ever seen somebody trying to get you to eat your vegetables? Ms. Lagrange is trying to get A.J to eat his vegetables. Ms. Lagrange talks funny and she’s from some other country called France. She thinks that the vomitorium is a fancy place. A vomitorium is like a cafeteria, but Mr. Klutz, the principal, calls it a vomitorium. Mr. Klutz is trying to get somebody to get A.J. to eat his vegetables. So he got Ms. Lagrange to get A.J. to eat his vegetables. In lunchtime, A.J. took out his bookbag so he could eat his candy. But Mr. Klutz said, “You can eat broccoli.” Then A.J. said, “No!” because he doesn’t like broccoli. Then they had a food fight.

My favorite part is when they had a food fight. I like it because I picture the food fight in my mind and it makes me laugh. The old music teacher Mr. Loring was just standing there. Just not enjoying it. Then they just got food on him. They even threw ketchup and mustard on his hair. Mr. Loring was just staring at A.J., because Mr. Loring thinks that A.J. made up the fight. Because he thinks that A.J. and Andrea fight too much. That makes him know that AJ made up the fight. The part when the lunch lady yells at Emily for using too many straws for her drink reminds me of a time when I got yelled at during lunch. I was getting school lunch and I was about to drop it! Then the lunch lady yelled at me because she didnt want me to drop it and have to give me a new one. The book Diary Of A Wimpy Kid is similar to the My Weird School Series because A.J. doesnt like to learn and Craig doesnt like school becuase there are too many bullies. Both characters in both books do not like school.

I recommend this book to kids that like wacky and funny series. I think that this is a great book because they have lots of funny jokes. I think that lots of kids would like it!