1 Drat! You Copycat! (Katie Kazoo Switcherro Series #7)

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Drat! You Copycat! (Katie Kazoo Switcherro Series #7)

Written by Nancy Krulik

Illustrated by Elton John

Reviewed by Mikaela O. (age 7)

Drat! You Copycat! (Katie Kazoo Switcherro Series #7)

Have you ever had a friend who got on your last nerve? Well in the Katie Kazoo Swicheroo series, “Drat You Copy Cat!” this is exactly what happens. There was a new girl in the third grade named Becky. Katie volunteered to show Becky around. Becky meets another girl from school named Suzanne (Katie’s friend) and begins to copy everything Suzanne does. Suzanne wrote a paper on Cleopatra and Becky wrote a paper on Cleopatra. Suzanne wore a cool outfit to school and Becky wore the very same outfit the next day. This made Suzanne upset and she begins to gossip about Becky. During this time a magic wind actually turns Katie into Becky. Now the fun really begins. But don’t forget to read Katie Kazoo Switcheroo.

It's a great book! My favorite part of the book is the section when Becky (a new student) did a demonstration of her report on gymnastics. In her class she showed them a backflip, cartwheel and then jumped in the air and landed in a perfect split. But she was not done yet...she also did a handspring. It was awesome to read about. I personally can only do a split. I think it's cool that Becky makes friends so quickly and easily. When I was in daycare a new boy came named J.R. I volunteered to show him around and while showing him around he began to copy the things I did. It became very annoying! But enough about me, let's get back to the story.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes people that get into crazy situations. What is interesting is the situations come by surprise. But what is cool to me is the author gives clues right before a surprising situation happens. But after a while things go back to normal. So my advice is: Strange things can happen!

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