1 Mrs. Yonkers Is Bonkers! (My Weird School Series #18)

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Mrs. Yonkers Is Bonkers! (My Weird School Series #18)

Written by Dan Gutman

Illustrated by Jim Paillot

Reviewed by Matthew S. (age 7)

Mrs. Yonkers Is Bonkers! (My Weird School Series #18)

Have you ever seen a computer teacher that types with her feet? So you didn't. Well in my book Mrs. Yonkers is Bonkers the main character is a boy that hates school! Now about Mrs. Yonkers: Mrs. Yonkers makes weird inventions like the “JFT” that stands for Junk Food Transformer. They put pea's in it and it turns into 6 chocolate bars! She puts a web cam on a turtle and calls it a Turtle Cam! You will laugh till you die! So what I'm telling you is that this is a really good book! So I would read this book, okay? Will A.J. learn to get over junk food? Will Mrs. Yonkers stop making inventions? I guess you will have to read this book and find out.

In this book there is a boy named A.J. that loves junk food. My favorite part is when A.J. says "I pledge allegiance to cans of soda and bags of chips and to the yumminess for which we stand, two machines in the vomitorium with trans fats and high fructose syrup for all." Read the book that I’m reading to find out it’s a really, really, really good book. And I mean good! Also, did you know Miss Yonkers has a t-shirt that says "Nerds Are Cool"? Mrs. Yonkers is more bonkers than you think! I think that A.J. is very special. He makes the book funny. It reminds me of a book called Diary of a Wimpy Kid where this kid named Greg hates school because of bullies. That relates to A.J. because he hates school. In my opinion this is a really great book.

I recommend this book to someone that hates school. Also, a reader who loves junk food would really enjoy this book. I think the most interesting part is when Mrs. Yonkers pet turtle Speedy comes back. It was so funny because he just appears out of nowhere. My advice is to read this series in order because if you don't you wont know who all the characters are.