1 Minnie and Moo and the Potato from Planet X

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Minnie and Moo and the Potato from Planet X

Written by Denys Cazet

Illustrated by Denys Cazet

Reviewed by Ludivico B. (age 8) & Ludivico B. (age 8)

Minnie and Moo and the Potato from Planet X

This book is about 2 cows. One of them is named Minnie and other is named Moo. One day a space truck crashed on Earth. Inside the space truck was a potato with one eye named spud. The planets are going to bump into each other. He can stop the planets from bumping into each other. Will they make it or not? To find out read the book.

I really like this book because it is a funny book. It has a lot of jokes and Minnie and Moo do a lot of things which cows do not really do. This makes it funny. My favorite part of the book is when Moo thinks a spaceship is the farmers new tractor. This part is really funny because they really think that a tractor is a spaceship! I like the part when Moo says "What's that?" and Minnie says "Moo, what are you talking about?" Then after a minute Minnie saw what Moo saw. This part reminds me of when my dad says "There is your backpack." And I say "Huh? Oh, there it is." It takes me sometimes also a few mintues to see what my dad is pointing to. Minnie and Moo always get confused. Once, Minnie and Moo were driving the tactor and hit a bump and they thought they landed on the moon. But it was really only a hill! Minni and Moo change at the end of the book because they are not confused as they once were. If you want to find out what happens you are going to have to read this book!

I recommend this book to somebody who likes funny books. Watch out when Minnie and Moo think that they are acting like humans, but they are cows!