1 Armadillo Tattletale

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Armadillo Tattletale

Written by Helen Ketteman

Illustrated by Keith Graves

Reviewed by Melin H. (age 9)

Armadillo Tattletale

Do you know why Armadillo is so slow? It is because of his big ears. In the book Armadillo Tattletale Armadillo always gets himself in trouble because of eavesdropping. Then one day he spied Muskrat talking to Butterfly and went to gossip with Rattlesnake, but only half of the story. This made Rattlesnake furious. He had a bad habit of doing this to all of his friends. At last Alligator heard Armadillo talking about him. She go to mad she bit Armadillo's ears off! He was faster than ever, but he learned a lesson. Never tell tales about others.

I enjoyed Armadillo Tattletale because it made me laugh. The character I liked best is Armadillo. He has enormous ears. My favorite part is where he had small ears. That's when he learned his lesson. The illustrations were vivid and reminded me of when my sister told a tale on me. So if you want a funny book read this book. It teaches a lesson, not to tell tales.

I think this would be a great book for second grade and up. I highly recommend it to people who like to burst out laughing. It's that funny.