1 Charlie Anderson

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Charlie Anderson

Written by Barbara Abercrombie

Illustrated by Mark Graham

Reviewed by Katalyna M. (age 10)

Charlie Anderson

Charlie Anderson went in someone's house. It was cold outside. He laid by the fireplace to get warm and wanted to watch t.v. He wanted to eat dinner. He tried out two beds. He love the place and the girls named him Charlie. He was a cat. Then one night he didn't come back. They looked and did not find him. Charlie did not come back. They asked and asked. He had two families now. They love him. He is a lucky cat. Do you like cats?

My favorite part is when the cat went into the woods. I like the woods too. Do you know a cat can have two families? I do because I read Charlie Anderson The cat reminds me of my hamster, Spots. I love him. The cat makes me think about my dad because he is leaving to go to Iraq. Charlie left too.

I love the book. You will like the book especially if your mom or dad reads it to you.