1 Brother Eagle, Sister Sky

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Brother Eagle, Sister Sky

Written by Susan Jeffers

Illustrated by Susan Jeffers

Reviewed by Devon Q. (age 10)

Brother Eagle, Sister Sky

In the book Brother Eagle, Sister Sky there was a war against the Native Americans and the European settlers in the span of a single lifetime. The government in Washington wished to buy the land of Chief Seattle. The chief's father told him, "The perfumed flowers are our sisters. The bear, deer, and the eagle these are our brothers." When the view of the cut down trees and the hills is blotted with talking wires, where will the eagle be? Gone. Chief Seattle did not believe people could own land. He sent a powerful message about taking of the land we love. In the end the land has changed a lot since the government bought the land.

I thought that Brother Eagle, Sister Sky is a good book because it has natural pictures with very detailed colors. Not black and white pictures. This helps us see the beauty of nature. I thought Chief Seattle was brave. He sent a strong message to the United States government. He wanted the land to be treated with respect. Like Chief Seattle, I like to look at trees and wildlife. Anymore it seems like I can only see these things on TV. This book reminded me of the time I went camping with my family. I'm glad there were trees.

I feel that you will like this book if you like nature, lots of art, and facts about history. It is fun to read