1 Forest Child

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Forest Child

Written by Marni McGee

Illustrated by A. Scott Banfill

Reviewed by Anthony H. (age 6)

Forest Child

I like this book because it is about a little boy that is lost in a forest because he went the wrong way.. Then the boy gets found by an owl. The boy ask the owl how can he get out of the forest. Then the owl scared the boy and the boy went away. The boy saw a rabbit and a lot of animals looking at him.

A wolf was looking at the boy when he was taking a bath. This was my favorite part. I like the colors in this book. It is very green like the forest. A lot beautiful colors are in the forest.

I think kids should read this book because the boy and the animals are nice to each other. The animals help the boy to sleep, to take a bath, and to see other animals in the forest.