1 The Scrambled States of America

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The Scrambled States of America

Written by Laurie Keller

Reviewed by LeKenya S. (age 9)

The Scrambled States of America

In the story everyone was having a good day, everyone but Kansas. He was not happy at all. His best friend Nebraska asks him, "What's wrong"? Kansas said, "We never go anywhere and never meet new states. We never do anything." Then they had an idea to throw a party and invite all the states. When the big day came, everyone had a good time. Before you know it, Idaho and Virginia said they were going to switch places. All the other states decided to switch places as well. Soon everyone was happy! However, something went wrong. Texas got a cold, Minnesota got a sun burn, and so on. All the states got homesick and decided to go back home. The lesson in this story was there's no place like home.

I love this book because it is full of excitement when the states switch places. It's also funny and reminds me of being homesick when I'm away. My favorite character was Kansas. I am much like him because when I get bored, I get grouchy. The story was mostly about all the fifty states having a party and switching places. Now if you like funny stories, then you should read The Scrambled States of America.

I recommend this book to people who love to be at home because in the story, the states get home sick and miss their old friends. When they get home, they are happy.