1 She's Wearing a Dead Bird On Her Head

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She's Wearing a Dead Bird On Her Head

Written by Kathryn Lasky

Illustrated by David Catrow

Reviewed by Jacqueline C (age 10)

She's Wearing a Dead Bird On Her Head

She?s Wearing a Dead Bird On Her Head is about women who wear hats with birds on them. Harriet Hemenway is a proper Boston lady who never chews with her mouth open. She can?t believe that people would wear birds on their heads. She calls her cousin, Miss Minna Hall to come for tea and talk about the bird nonsense. The two forms a society called the Audubon Society named after the famous painter of birds. They convinced women that killing birds and wearing them for fashion is wrong. The membership grew and grew and the meetings were always lively. The Society was able to get laws passed to protect the birds.

I liked this book because it was crazy and mysterious. My favorite character is Miss Minna because she did most of the stuff to stop the people. She was a smart lady too. Minna reminds me about myself because we always do the work. We always think of stuff to do first. My favorite part is where they figure out they win. The pictures actually describe the pages.

I think this book is so interesting. People who like birds should read this. You will have fun reading it. This book will make you laugh very hard.