1 Pet Detectives

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Pet Detectives

Written by Betty Ren Wright

Reviewed by Janet W. (age 8)

Pet Detectives

I chose this book because I read it and thought it was funny. I liked the cover of the book because it looks cool to me. This book is funny because the pets think they're cool.

The book is about a dog named Belle and a cat named Kitty. They were detectives and their owner was a policeman and he didn't know that his pets were detectives. Kitty chased mice that were in the house. Belle - well she just slept all day and when the mailman came, she would bark at them. Kitty always tried to wake up Belle, but Belle would rather sleep. Then Kitty heard something. Someone was picking on the lock! Kitty said, "If I weren't a police cat, I would faint!" So she jumped on the thief's head and held on tight. Then finally Belle woke up and saw the thief. Belle was growing at the thief and she also took a bite out of his pants. They scared him until he was in the backyard. Then the police owner came home just in time to get the thief. The mayor gave them their favorite food. They both said, "We're absolutely the best there is!"

My favorite part is when Belle barks at the mailman because it's funny and she thinks the mailman is a robber but he isn't.

I would recommend this book because it's really good and funny. Also it helps all of us remember to keep the doors closed. It has really nice pictures in the book like on the book cover and on the end of the book. It gives me the giggles.