1 The Sleeping Giant of Goll

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The Sleeping Giant of Goll

Written by Tony Abbott

Reviewed by Eugene G. (age 7)

The Sleeping Giant of Goll

I thought the book was going to be a good book because of the cover but it really was boring.

In the first page of the book, two kids were walking on the beach and then an eye popped out of the water. Then they saw the eye and ran. When they were running, they ran into some woods. They stopped and looked around. As they were turning to look around, other trees caught the two kids and started to swing the kids around. As they were swinging the kids were yelling to get free. But while they were screaming, the trees wrapped around the kids tighter. Then the trees had no more strength so the trees let go of them. My favorite part was when a giant was fighting a dragon because I liked to see the dragon blow blue fire at the giant.

I would recommend this book to a bigger kid because I think they will have more fun with it.