1 The Story About Ping

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The Story About Ping

Written by Marjorie Flack

Illustrated by Kurt Wiese

Reviewed by Jose J. A. (age 8)

The Story About Ping

The story is about a duck named Ping. He had a large family that lived on a boat on a river in China. He was a fishing duck and he helped catch fish for his master. Every evening all the duck family would go back on the boat. One evening Ping did not make it back in time and was left behind all alone. The next day Ping was swimming and eating when he spotted a drowning boy. Ping saved the boy and he was pulled onto a new boat with a different family. They were going to eat Ping for dinner, but the boy Ping saved, now saved him. But, Ping was kept in a basket and he was very sad. The little boy felt sorry for Ping and let him go back in the river. The story has more to it and it has a happy ending.

I liked this book very much because it was an exciting adventure that happened in a far away place. I didn't know that ducks could catch fish for people. I also liked that it had a happy ending.

I think that kids my age and older would like this story because it was interesting to read about another country and it was fun to read. My brother who is ten years old thought the story was cool too.