1 It came from beneath the sink

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It came from beneath the sink

Written by R. L.. Stine

Reviewed by Hunter (age 10)

It came from beneath the sink

I read "It Came from Beneath the Sink" by R.L. Stine. I thought it was a very good book because it was scary and suspenful.

Kat and her family move 10 blocks away. They live on East Main St. When they first get into the new house, Killer, their dog barked at the sink. This was very strange. Their life was going along just fine until they found the monster. Then things really started to change and get weird!

Kat and her brother find a monster in the house but their parents don?t believe them. A lot of weird things are going on. These situations make the story very suspenseful. The only person that believes them is their dog! They can't even get their parents to believe them about what's going on. Kat picked up a sponge and it came alive. Their dad takes a look at the sink but, there was nothing there. Their mother was telling them not to lie but they said they were not.

It was a good book. You should read it if you like scary stories. I think this is R.L.Stine?s best book. People that like suspenseful stories will like it.