1 The Tail of Emily Windsnap

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The Tail of Emily Windsnap

Written by Liz Kessler

Illustrated by Sarah Gibb

Reviewed by Elizabeth Y. (age 11)

The Tail of Emily Windsnap

The Tail of Emily Windsnap by Liz Kessler is about a girl named Emily who is never allowed into the water, except for showers. She thinks it?s crazy since she lives on a boat surrounded by the ocean. When Emily is in 7th grade, instead of gym, she has swim class. Her mom finally lets her go swimming, but only in the school pool-not the ocean! Emily has problems in the pool-so she wants to try the ocean water to see if it has the same effects on her! Emily goes into the ocean-and what happens to her will amaze you!

I loved this book and the whole concept. I don?t have one favorite part-I liked the whole book! I really think that this book made me feel like Emily; I imagined myself as her going on wonderful adventures trying to find out the mystery of her father?s side of the family. This book is not like most-it is a new type of writing style to me; I just really enjoy reality and fantasy mixed! This has been my favorite book since I read it!

I recommend this book to children who love mysteries that have fiction involved, too! I loved this book, and once I picked it up, I couldn?t put it down!