1 Pony in a Pumpkin Patch

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Pony in a Pumpkin Patch

Written by Ben M. Baglio

Reviewed by Arooba N. (age 11)

Pony in a Pumpkin Patch

This book is great for pony lovers. I really enjoyed reading this book. I liked it because the pony got to be in a horse show, and the main character Mandy helped a moose to go back in the forest.

The book is about a girl named Mandy who finds a pony that had been stuck in a pumpkin patch. The pony?s name is Jewel. It is a wild horse! The wildness of the horse help to make the story more interesting.

In this story, a girl named Mandy goes to Scotland and meets her uncle. While she is there she finds a pony stuck in a pumpkin patch. Mandy wants to a save the pony from her uncle?s pumpkin patch and enter a competition with the horse. Mandy realizes the horse has a fractured leg, so it can?t be in the show. This part of the story made me feel sad. But, Mandy helps the horse to heal its leg. Her parents are veterinarians and gave her some advice. The book was very realistic. I felt like I understood exactly how Many was feeling about the horse.

The pony went into the forest and found a moose lying in the grass. Mandy also realized that the moose had a fractured leg. She helps them both and the horse and the moose developed an interesting friendship! She gives them both medications to get well. Mandy hopes the horse gets better so she can enter Jewel in the horse show. I felt myself cheering for the horse too, hoping that it gets better.

The book is very good. I liked it very much and thought it was very interesting. I recommend this book to anyone who like animals.