1 Among the Enemy

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Among the Enemy

Written by Margret Haddix

Reviewed by Brett A. (age 11)

Among the Enemy

My book is called Among the Enemy by Haddix. This book is very action packed and has a little bit of violence in it. I liked this book because of the adventure and action packed situations between the characters.

My book is about three kids, their names are Matthias, Alia, and Percy. They all get captured by the Population Police (the bad guys), and they are going to take them to their headquarters. This was very exciting and kept me at the edge of my seat. Then, the truck that they are riding in crashes. Suddenly the three kids are free. I was shocked about how this happened.

After that, they quickly run into the woods so they don?t get seen. They tried to get home but on their way they get stuck between the cross fire of the Rebels and the Population Police. When the Rebels and the Population Police start to shot it was cool. Matthias finds a cabin and the three kids hide in it. Before they know it, a Population Police officer walks toward the cabin they are hiding in and Matthias gets stuck between the cross of the Rebels and the Population Police. Matthias saves the Population Police officer?s life and the officer forces Matthias to join the Population Police. To find out the great ending of this book, read Among the Enemy.

I liked this book because, it is action packed. There are many gun fights, fist fights, yelling, and lots of suspense. This book is adventurous because the story includes a lot of traveling and missions that Matthias is involved in. I hope you like this book too.

I recommend this book for people that like action packed adventure books. If you are between the ages of ten and thirteen years old and thrive on adventure and action packed books with a little bit of violence in it, I recommend this book for you.