1 Hidden Talents

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Hidden Talents

Written by David Lubar

Reviewed by Mack M. (age 10)

Hidden Talents

Hidden Talents is a great page turner that will make you want to read it over and over again. I really loved it!

Martin and his friends go to an alternative school for kids who have problems or need help. They have another reason why they go to school too, each kid has discovered a power except Martin. Martin doesn?t know why he is there.

The book was great because of how bad the place was where they had to stay, so every time you feel sad you could think of how bad they had it, and how you have it a whole lot better.

I recommend this book to fiction lovers and people who like mystery and suspense books. This book starts off slow, but then starts to move to a quick climax. It's a great read. Enjoy it.