1 Fira and the Full Moon

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Fira and the Full Moon

Written by Gail Herman

Illustrated by The Disney Storybook Artists

Reviewed by Lauren R. (age 9)

Fira and the Full Moon

Fira and the Full Moon by Gail Herman is a fun book to read! Fira, the main character, is a fairy who lives in Pixie Hollow and is always very stubborn. She wants everything done right. The fireflies in Pixie Hollow are sick with the no-fire flu! They have lost their light! They need their light to help light the fairy festival, which comes every one hundred years when there is a full moon. Without their light, there will be no festival. Without the festival, the fairies will be cursed. Fira needs take care of the fireflies and make them better before the full moon appears. Then suddenly, Fira gets stuck in a tunnel! Will Fira ever get out of the tunnel in time to help make the fireflies get better? Read to find out!

Fira and the Full Moon is an awesome book! It has cool vocabulary; she used a lot of detail to describe things, so you can see it in your head. Some good describing words were "golden curls" and "wings like a rose petal." Awesome characters are also in the story as well. One is Fira, a light-talent fairy, who never asks for help. The triplets are Sparkle, the oldest, Helios, the middle sparrow man, and Glory, the little fairy. They cause alot of trouble like, the time they dropped a growing spell in the cactus, which made the cactus grow big!!! The pictures are very colorful! They show you what the characters are doing. As you can see, Fira and the Full Moon is a great book, because it has cool vocabulary, awesome characters, and colorful pictures in every chapter! You should read this book today!

I recommend this book to people who like fairy adventures. Fira and her new friends, Sparkle, Helios, and Glory set off on an adventure to save the fireflies. I know you will truly love this book like I did! Read Fira and the Full Moon, today.