1 High School Musical "Wildcat Spirit"

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High School Musical "Wildcat Spirit"

Written by Catherine Hapka

Reviewed by Stephanie B. (age 8)

High School Musical

In the book, High School Musical, ''Wildcat Spirit'', by Catherine Hapka, East High is celebrating Spirit Week. Troy wanted Gabriella to ask him to the Sadie Hawkins Dance, but Gabriella was scared to ask him. Sharpay hoped to be Spirit Queen and dreamed for Troy to be her Spirit King. Then, Gabriella overheard her mother's phone call and thought that she was moving again! She didn't want to ruin Spirit Week for her friends. Since Gabriella was distracted she forgets to wear her pajamas for pajama day, her hat for hat day, her twin for twin day, and most importantly to ask Troy to the dance! Later, Gabriella found out that she wasn't moving, and asked Troy to the dance. Unfortunately, she was too late, and he had already said yes to Sharpay. Will Gabriella find someone to go to the dance with? Who will be crowned Sprit King and Queen? Read High School Musical, ''Wildcat Spirit'' and find out.

High School Musical, ''Wildcat Spirit'' was the best book I ever read! I liked this book because the author described the schools Spirit Week well. Gabriella and Ryan were making newspaper hats and towel capes. This part was amazing to picture in my mind with no pictures. Also, I enjoyed reading about Sharpay's bright big apple red nails with little white wildcat logos. I also enjoyed this book because it was fun to read about Sharpay's silly behavior. The two parts she acted funny the most was when she acted silly in was when she wore her super silly hat for Hat Day and when she made Ryan dress like a giant teddy bear for Pajama Day. The last reason why I like this book is because I liked how Troy and Gabriella worked out their problems. They worked out their problems by talking to each other at the Dance and at the pep rally. So as you can see High School Musical, ''Wildcat Spirit'' is a must read book because it described the schools spirit week well, Sharpay's silly behavior, and how Troy and Gabriella worked out their problems nicely. Read, High School Musical, ''Wildcat Spirit''!

I would recommend this book to people who like High School Musical and to people who have been scared to ask another person something. All the characters from High School Musical are getting ready for the dance. Gabriella is so scared, and she doesn't know when to ask Troy out. You've got to read this book! You won't want to put it down!