1 Absolutely Lucy

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Absolutely Lucy

Written by Ilene Cooper

Illustrated by Ilene Cooper

Reviewed by Jenna D. (age 8)

Absolutely Lucy

My book Absolutely Lucy is about a boy named Bobby Quinn who is very shy. Bobby's birthday was coming up .Every birthday Bobby was either hiding or not wanting to have a birthday party because he was too timid. Then one day when he came down the stairs he asked his three year old cousin what he should get for his birthday. His cousin replied politely and said an eagle. Bobby was astonished at the response that his cousin gave him. After much thought Bobby questioned himself .Why would his parents want to get him an eagle for his birthday? Read to find out!

Absolutely Lucy is one of the best books you will ever read! One reason why it is the best book is because of its solutions to problems. An example of a solution is when Bobby let Lucy outside and he pretended to throw her a treat. then Lucy went and looked for it. Bobby was very angry that Lucy went to look for it because it was a fake treat. So they practiced it a few more times until Lucy figured out the trick! A second reason why I liked Absolutely Lucy is because of the different types of characters in the book. One of the characters is Bobby. Bobby is a shy boy who doesn't have any friends and is always very lonely. Another character is Lucy. Lucy is an active and playful puppy. She is always getting in trouble. A last reason why you will like this book is because of the funny events. One funny event was when Lucy was ripping up Bobby's important papers for work. Another event was when Lucy was jumping all over Bobby because he had some cookies. You will laugh at these hilarious parts. So you can see Absolutely Lucy is a fabulous book because it has different characters, funny events, and it has interesting solutions to problems!