1 Farmer Boy

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Farmer Boy

Written by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Illustrated by Garth Williams

Reviewed by James B. (age 9)

Farmer Boy

This book is about a boy named Almanzo Wilder who lives in New York State during the time of the pioneers. He lives on a farm with his father, mother, brother and two sisters. He has two calves named Star and Bright. On school days he goes to school. He has a nice teacher who licks (whips) some boys in Bill Ritchie's gang from the Hardscrabble Settlement. To find out what happens next read the book.

I like the book because it is funny and really takes you back to that point in time. The illustrations are very good even though they're black and white. Almanzo reminds me of myself because I'm always getting mad at my siblings. The thing that I think is most interesting about the book is that it really gives detailed descriptions of what's happening during that time.

I recommend this book for adults and kids of all ages who like the pioneer times.