1 Pokemon - I Choose You!

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Pokemon - I Choose You!

Written by Tracey West

Reviewed by William D. (age 8)

Pokemon - I Choose You!

Have you ever seen a Pokemon movie? If you haven't this book will give you a good picture, and if you have like me you will like it. In the beginning Ash gets his first Pokemon named Pikachu, then he has to fight Raichu for a thunder badge. Read this book to see if Ash and Pikachu can beat Raichu.

I liked this book because I like Pokemon. My favorite Pokemon is Chimchar, he looks like a monkey with fire on his tail. I like the creatures because they are cute. My favorite part of the book is when there were thousands of Pikachu in the forest. This story takes place in the future because there is teleportation. I liked Ash because he saves Pikachu's life. I think Ash is like me because he likes Pokemon and I like Pokemon. Pikachu changed in the story because he hated Ash in the beginning and then they become friends. The pictures in the book look like they came from the cartoon. This book is like the other books in the series because Pikachu is in every other book. I think the book is unique because it has pocket monsters, and no other books have them. I felt happy when I read the book because it made me think of Pikachu. This book is part of a series and I can't wait to read the others!

I recommend this book to people who like Pokemon. I think second grade and up will like this book. You might also like it if you like adventure stories. I think this was a good book because it made me feel worried for Pikachu and Ash.