1 Ralph S. Mouse

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Ralph S. Mouse

Written by Beverly Cleary

Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky

Reviewed by Lilly (age 8)

Ralph S. Mouse

In the book Ralph S. Mouse by Beverly Cleary, Ralph lives in a hotel under a grandfather clock. Ralph is a mouse who has a motorcycle. He is a special mouse because he can talk.

Ralph has a friend who is a human. His name is Ryan. Ryan goes to school. His school's name is Irwin J. Sneed Elementary School. The settings are the school and the hotel.

In the beginning, Ralph's cousins come to the grandfather clock. When they see Ralph has a motorcycle they want a ride, but Ralph doesn't want to give rides. So, they get in a fight. Ralph is so mad he goes to Ryan's school, Irwin J. Sneed Elementary School. There he tries to hide so no one sees him. He hid in Ryan's pocket. Then, he lived in someone's boot.

While he was at school, the class found out about him, so they wanted to have a Great Mouse Exhibit. They were going to write stories and draw pictures. Brad and Ryan were even going to build a maze for Ralph.

When the Great Mouse Exhibit day arrived, Ralph was put in a glass jar and he didn't like it. When it was time for the maze, Ralph did not want to do it and could not. Ryan got mad. Ryan got so mad and then Ralph's motorcycle got broken! What will happen? Read the book to find out.

I think that the book was really good because it has more than one problem. I mostly like it because it gives details and then it makes you wonder what will happen next. I think it tells a lot of details that are very interesting.

My favorite part was when the class writes stories and draws pictures of Ralph or another mouse. It is my favorite because it has a happy part. I think it is a happy part because nothing happens that isn't good. Also, it is all about Ralph in that part.

When I was reading the book, I felt like I was right there with Ralph. I felt that because it has such good details. It made me wonder what will happen next and if he will get hurt.

I recommend this book because it is about a mouse who is very brave. I also would recommend this book because it shows that you may get angry, but it can end up okay. It ended up that Ralph was happy and so was Ryan.

I think that students in second to fourth grade would like this book. I think that younger students who are three to six years old who can't read might like to have it read to them.