1 Froggy's Day With Dad

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Froggy's Day With Dad

Written by Jonathan Landon

Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

Reviewed by Keith T. (age 8), Harman S. (age 9) & Morgan A. (age 7)

Froggy's Day With Dad

One day there was a frog named Froggy who prepares a special Father?s Day for his dad. On Father?s Day, they went to ride in bumper boats, then they went to the batting cage, and they also went to play miniature golf. Froggy almost shot the ball the wrong way. Froggy kept hitting the ball too hard. It bounced off the three windmill blades and made it into the hole! Froggy tried it again, but then it bounced off the castle and bounced off his dad?s head! His dad tried to hit the ball, but he missed the ball nine times until he finally hit it. Once Froggy got home, he gave his dad a present. It was a special Father?s Day present. We won?t tell you what it is so it can be a surprise for other kids who read the book. In the end, Froggy?s dad is happy and feels special.

Our favorite part of the story was when Froggy jumps in the pond and gets seven golf balls. This part made us laugh really hard. Our least favorite character is Froggy?s dad because he does not let Froggy go golfing on a real golf course. We think that is mean because our dads would take us to play on a real golf course if we asked nicely.

This story has nice pictures that help tell the story. We think other kids should read this book because it shows that Froggy likes to spend time with his dad. It teaches you how important your dad is.