1 The Luckiest Kid on the Planet

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The Luckiest Kid on the Planet

Written by Lisa Campbell

Reviewed by John and Josh A. (age 7)

The Luckiest Kid on the Planet

This book is about a kid that is lucky! He has always had good luck, but in the middle of the story, his luck goes bad. In the end of the story, he finds out that that his grandfather is the most valuable treasure of all.

I liked it when his grandfather rode with him on a scooter. I thought it was funny when he figured out his name was Herbert. My favorite part was when people wanted to wear his socks. My favorite character is Herbert, because he reminds me of my cousin.

I recommend this book to first graders. If you think you have good or bad luck, you will like this story. It is a funny book and it teaches a lesson, too.