1 The Rescue

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The Rescue

Written by Kathryn Lasky

Reviewed by E.F. (age 8)

The Rescue

Pack up and get ready for some adventure! Soren is an orphan who was kidnapped, but escaped to live at the Great Tree where he will learn to be a noble owl. Soren's beloved teacher was kidnapped. He and his friends try save him. Soren has a dream about his mom and dad. In his dream they shout, "Beware of Metal Beak!" Metal Beak is Soren's evil brother, and he is the one who kidnapped his teacher. Soren visits Bubo, a blacksmith, to get some information about Metal Beak. He only talks about the Rouge Smith of Silverveil, who knows Metal Beak very well. Soren and his friends visit the Rouge Smith. He tells them where Metal Beak lives. Soren rescues his teacher, but more horrible events take place. When they return to the Great Tree, they see the Pure Ones, Metal Beak's team, attacking the tree. The most horrible thing is happening, WAR! Read the book to find out who wins the 1st battle of this war!

Probably tired right? There's still more to go until we finish the adventure! If you read it, you must have enjoyed it, I did too! My favorite part is when Octavia talks about the life of Ezylryb because it was interesting and it told about a character's life. Be glad a war is taking place in the north and Ezylryb is a fierce warrior there. Next, this book is like another book called, The Journey. The first reason is that it's in the same series. Last, this book was really awesome! It has lots of action which makes it fun. A book always has to have action or else it's boring! There's lots of fighting too! The Great Tree and the Pure Ones are fighting in the Ga'Hoole Sea, which is good because owls can't swim, can they? Can't tell you anymore facts, if you want to see what happens next, read the book, near the ending. The Rescue is an amazing book with lots of adventure.

I recommend this book to people who like action and battle books. I also recommend this book for adventure book lovers. This book contains a lot of action, like battling with claws and flaming branches, which is good enough for battle and action book lovers. There is adventure, like flying to an old castle to save an imprisoned teacher at the Great Ga'Hoole Tree. If you like action, battling, and adventure books, this is the perfect book, along with the whole series, for you.