1 Seven Blind Mice

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Seven Blind Mice

Written by Ed Young

Illustrated by Ed Young

Reviewed by Nathan (age 7)

Seven Blind Mice

In this story there are seven blind mice. They are different colors. They live by a pond.

By their pond there is something and they can't see it. They think it is very scary. The mice don't know what to do. They each take turns touching the thing.

The first day, the red mouse went to touch the thing. The next day, the green mouse went to touch the thing. In the next days, the yellow mouse, the purple mouse, the orange mouse, and the blue mouse went to touch the thing. They did not agree on what they thought the thing was.

The next day, the white mouse went to touch the thing. She wend across the thing and up and down it. Read on to find out what happens next and what the thing is.

I think this book is cool because all of the mice get to take turns touching the thing but you do not know what the thing is. This book was also cool because of the colors of the mice.

My favorite part was when they found out what the thing was. I like it because they are blind. They all thought it was something different. Then, they all figure out what it was together.

My favorite character is the red mouse. Red is my favorite color. I thought the red mouse was funny because he thought the thing was a pillar.

I recommend this book to my mom, dad, and sister. I also think kids five and over would like this book. Kids under five would like to have it read to them.