1 Forest

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Written by Janet Taylor Lisle

Reviewed by Monica N. (age 10)


This book is about animals that live in the forest. They like to live in the forest because there, they have a lot of the food they like to eat there. There are all kinds of animals in the forest. The animals live in the forest because it is a great place for them to live.

This book reminds me about the book titled Wetland Animals. This book is about animals that live in the Wetland. Wetland is also a great place for animals to live too. There are also many different animals living in wetland. Forest Animals and Wetland Animals are both great books that you should read if you like animals.

I like this book because I like animals, especially forest animals. In this book you can learn about many different animals and the way they live. This is also a great book for beginning readers because the vocabulary is easy to read and understand. You can even learn to read better by reading this book several times. This is a fun and easy to read book that you will want to read over and over.