1 Sam Samurai

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Sam Samurai

Written by Jon Scieszka

Reviewed by Brandon H. (age 9)

Sam Samurai

Sam was frozen while Joe and some other guy were trying to save him. They found a great big samurai but he was sleeping and he woke and starting chasing them and Joe hit him in the head and his head fell off. His head fell into a fire pit. A faceplate started at them. Sam and that other guy were apologizing and they said, "Sam and I are very sorry for any trouble we might have caused the universe by slicing off that knights head a hundred years before we were born." And they said, "Our relatives got turned into a monkey or a pig because of Fred?s spear chop." They apologized again and they were trying to talk like a pig or a monkey.

My favorite part was when they chopped off that knight's head and when they were acting like a pig and like a monkey because it was funny. This book was like The Knights of the Kitchen Table. The same boys were in both books. My favorite character was Joe because he reminds me of my cousin, William they both like to do tricks.

I think kids ages 7 to 12 could read this book. They would be able to know what the story was about.