1 Summer Reading is Killing Me

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Summer Reading is Killing Me

Written by John Saeszka

Illustrated by Lane Smith

Reviewed by Angel D. (age 9)

Summer Reading is Killing Me

One day Sam, Joe, and Fred were talking about what they were going to do this summer. At the beginning of the story they were at a small park, and they saw a two hundred fifty pound chicken standing right in front of them. They kept on backing up from the chicken. Then they ran. But the chicken ran even faster. In the middle of the story they ran to a library. When they got there all of the bad characters were wandering around. While the good characters were locked up. Sam, Joe, and Fred had to act like they were bad characters from a book. At the end of the story they were trying to find the book that got them there. Once they got upstairs they didn?t want to go back downstairs, because, the bad characters were awake again. The way they got home is that they found the book and ran.

My favorite part of the book was when Sam, Joe, and Fred went by a two hundred fifty pound chicken. It was funny how the chicken kept clucking and following them. The thing that was unique about this book is that they show monsters, humans, and a two hundred fifty pound chicken. This book made me wonder if a book could really make you go somewhere magical. It made me think about what would happen next. And where they might go next.

I think kids ages seven to ten years old would like this book because it has many good chapters.