1 See You Later, Gladiator

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See You Later, Gladiator

Written by Jon Scieszka

Illustrated by Adam McCauley

Reviewed by Talon D. (age 9)

See You Later, Gladiator

Sam, Fred, and Joe were wrestling and the blue book fell on the bed and they warped to the time of the Gladiators. Horridus, the best gladiator wanted to destroy them in the past ages. The boys compete in a contest to win the book back. They eventually got the book back from a man in white robes. And that?s how they got home.

This book is similar to Knights of the Kitchen Table because they have the same characters. When reading these stories, you get a little bit of adventure! The gladiator in this story reminds me of my dad because he is strong and stands up for what he believes in.

I recommend this book for ages 6 and up because it is a really funny book especially when the boys were taking a bath in mud!