1 How Spider Saved Thanksgiving

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How Spider Saved Thanksgiving

Written by Robert Kraus

Illustrated by Robert Kraus

Reviewed by Samaa M (age 7)

How Spider Saved Thanksgiving

Once upon a time there was a fly named Fly, a ladybug named Ladybug, and a spider named Spider. They were walking to school and soon they were in their classroom. Miss Quito, their teacher, told everybody about the first Thanksgiving. She told them that they were oing to do a play. Everyday they practiced. In the real play everything was going well but at the third scene, they all sat down for the feast and Miss Quito noticed there was no turkey. Spider had an idea. H went to the supply closet and found a box of balloons. He starte blowing up the balloons and there he had a Thanksging turkey. He hurried back to the play and they used the balloon turkey. After the play everyone was very hungry. They all went over to Ladybug's house and had a real turkey. Everyone thanked each other. That was the best Thanksgiving they ever had.

My favorite part of the story is when they went over to Ladybug's house and had turkey because they were celebrating Thanksgiving. My favorite character is Spider because he saved the play. I like that this story is about a play because soon I will be in a play too. The pictures are pretty and help tell the story.

I think you should read this book because it is about Thanksgiving. You can learn a lot about the holiday and about how to solve problems.