1 Monster's INC.

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Monster's INC.

Written by Walt Disney

Reviewed by Linzey S. (age 8)

Monster's INC.

One morning a blue monster named Sully and his green friend named Mike went to work in a building called Monster's INC. Their job was to scare children at night to collect their screams. The screams were turned into electricity for the city of Monstropolous. Sully was the best scarer for Monster's INC. Mike was his assistant. One night a little girl named Boo grabbed Sully's tail and he was not able to find her closet to get her back home. Sully and Mike hid her while everyone looked for her. Sully came up with the idea that if they made children laugh instead of scaring them they would create more electricity for the city. At the end Sully turned the scare floor into a laugh floor.

My favorite part of the story is when Sully gets to see Boo again because it is a happy ending. My least favorite character is Randle because he is mean. This story relates to my life because I am scared of monsters in my closet. The pictures help tell the story bevause they explain things.

I think you should read this book because it has a good story and it is very interesting. You will love it.