1 Mulan

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Written by Walt Disney

Reviewed by Cecilia S. (age 8)


Once there was a girl named Mulan. She pretended to be a man so she could go to war and fight Shan-Yu. The evil Shan-Yu wanted to take over China. Mulan went to fight his army because her dad was old and wounded. A little dragon named Mushu helped Mulan fight. Mulan and Shang met while fighting in the army. Together they saved China and Mulan rescued the emperor. She also killed Shan-Yu. At the end of the story Mulan and Shang fell in love.

My favorite part is when Mulan saved the emporer because then Shan-Yu's army was defeated. My favorite character is Mulan because she is a girl and very good at fighting. I try to help out my dad like she tried to help her dad. The pictures in the book help tell the story.

I think others should read this book because you learn that girls fight too and you learn that it is good to help your dad.