1 Pirates Past Noon

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Pirates Past Noon

Written by Mary Pope Osborn

Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Hunter H. (age 9)

Pirates Past Noon

The main characters are Jack and Annie. They go to the Treehouse and see a bird. They are on an island and they need to find the treasure chest before the pirates get it! Do they get to the island? Will the pirates get them and hurt Jack and Annie? Read the book Pirates Past Noon to find out!

I like this book because it is a mystery. I also like it because weird things happen. A person changes in this book and you wouldn't know it! Things happen that aren't expected like when the bird turns into Morgan Lafey. The Magic Treehouse is a series of books. This is only book number 4. This book is different from the rest of the series because it is the only book with pirates in it. I like pirates!

I would recommend this book if you like pirates. Students in 1st through 4th grades should read this book. You will LOVE this book. It is the best book ever written!