1 Insects

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Written by Manus Pinkwater

Illustrated by C.L. Hogue; L.M. Stone; J. Hennen; J.P. Rowan

Reviewed by Liza A. (age 7)


This book is about insects. It gives lots of facts about different kinds of insects. For example the book tells that insects have six body parts. They all have antennae, and most insects blend in with things. Some - like ants - bite, and some can hop. Some times insects eat other insects.

I liked this book because I think insects are amazing animals, and I found out some facts that I didn't know before. My favorite part was when I saw the picture of the grasshopper because I like grasshoppers. I could see the different parts of the grasshopper in the picture. The photographs were very good. The characters in the book were the insects, and one that I liked best was the butterfly. The special thing about the book is that is gives facts. I felt it was a cool story.

I recommend this book because to me insects are cool. My mom would want to know about insects. She would be interested in the part where she would see the ants. Maybe she will learn lots of facts about insects.