1 Peach and Blue

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Peach and Blue

Written by Sarah S. Kilborne

Illustrated by Steve Johnson with Lou Fancher

Reviewed by Sohyun C. (age 7) & Eric F. (age 7)

Peach and Blue

"But I wish I could see what the rest of the world is like." Blue is a toad that becomes friends with Peach. He changes Peach's life forever. Peach was scared of getting picked by strangers and made into cobblers. She wanted to see the world and the sights before she was going to be eaten. By the help of Blue's fifteen sisters and thirteen brothers they climbed on each other and got Peach down from the tree. Peach and Blue go off to see the world and the sights. Peach helps Blue see the beautiful things in the world and Blue helps Peach see the world. Sarah S. Kilborne uses beautiful descriptive language like, " The white of the swans, of the kingfisher's eggs, the cream of the cocoons." The author uses those words to tell you what Peach is seeing. Read to find out if Peach and Blue become friends forever.

Peach and Blue is a very good book because it has a happy ending. Peach gets off from the tree and gets to see the world. Eric's favorite character was Blue because he was very helpful to Peach. SoHyun's favorite characters were the thirteen brothers and fifteen sisters because they got Peach off the branch. Our least favorite part was when Peach was crying. The part when Peach was crying reminded SoHyun of times when she has cried. Eric thinks the illustrations are excellent because they use lots of colors. SoHyun likes the illustrations because they look beautiful.

Did you ever have a wish come true? We recommend this book to people who like happy endings and like their wishes to come true. This book is also good for people who like picture books. If you like Sarah S. Kilborne's books you should read this book. If you like good illustrations you will like this book. If you like toads and peaches you will enjoy reading this book. You might like this book if you like making new friends and helping each other.